June 2012

Reference: JOB301
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Employer: Korneel Rabaey

So we're going ahead with an exhibition booth! JAMS will exhibit to primary school kids from 7th to 9th August, to the public on the 11th of August and to highschool kids from the 14th to 16th August. We need people to occupy the booth, if you're keen contact Cathy Burke. We also need images for production of posters and banners. Send to Mike Manefield if you have any you want to include. If you have display ideas please contact Michael Kertesz. Game on!

Kerensa McElroy (UNSW) started us off immersing the audience in deep sequencing in order to understand pathogen evolution in biofilms. Two model pathogens, Phaeobacter gallaeciensis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, were used to grow biofilms under conditions that select for reproducible phenotypic diversification. Variations in the genetic structure were revealed addressing different stages of biofilm development. Kerensa could describe genetic variation accurately and comprehensively within evolving populations using her established approach in genome-wide deep sequencing.

Professor Jill Banfield presents a public lecture entitled 'Metagenomic views of the microbial biosphere within us and in the world below us'.
9th July 2012, 6 pm for a 6:30 pm start
Tyree Room Scientia Building, University of New South Wales (Map ref G19)
Light capapes and refrshments will be served
RSVP essential: rsvp@science.unsw.edu.au or phone 93857919