JAMS is turning ONE!

It's true, the first "pilot" meeting of JAMS was almost a year ago on november 24th 2010.Not long before (to me it feels like yesterday), Andy, Ian, Mike and myself met at the Trinity bar and started tossing around ideas on getting it all started. We still had no clue of when, where, or how we were going to do it. We just knew it had to be done and we'd all benefit from it.We have come a long way from there. We've had 29 speakers, some from overseas, many from out of town giving great seminars. We've had talks ranging from viruses to mosquitoes, from tropical oceans to alpine soils. But above all, we've had lots of fun!So to celebrate JAMS's first year of success I think we should have some sort of a birthday celebration.What I had in mind was either a full dinner at the museum with poster sessions before and a keynote speaker after. Alternatively an entire weekend retreat either in the Blue Mountains or in the Hunter Valley with a packed schedule of talks, roundtables and poster sessions.I have set up a poll on the website. Log in and have your say.