First Australia New Zealand Marine Biotechnology Society Symposium

Participation & Partnership in Marine Biotechnology
Seeding the Blue Bioeconomy

Australia 14-15 April 2016


Marine Biotechnology is part of Australia and New Zealand’s national marine science plans and is tipped to contribute significantly to a growing marine economy worth more than $100 billion in this region within the next ten years. We invite you to present your research and product outcomes and hear about latest industry strategy and needs.
The program includes an International Blue Bioeconomy Industry Forum where you can interact with industry representatives and hear about research developments from around the world. Together we look forward to welcoming you to Adelaide in April 2016.
Professor Wei Zhang, President
Professor Chris Battershill, Vice President
Australia New Zealand Marine Biotechnology Society

Topics will include:

  • translational technologies 
  • marine functional foods  
  • marine agri-chemistry 
  • bioprocesses 
  • bioproducts 
  • biofuels 
  • bioremediation training and education 
  • science underpinning biotechnology 
  • biotechnology in aquaculture 
  • marine drug discovery 
  • policy 
  • & more

Special Session

  • International Blue Bioeconomy Industry Forum 


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