PhD in plant microbiome and disease management

Reference: JOB544

Project specification (tentative)
We are looking to recruit a PhD position on plant microbiome and disease management. This industry project will focus on research related to plant  (root, stem, leaf) microbiomes and their interaction with biotic (e.g. pathogenic) stresses and plant physiological responses.  The overall project seeks to identify the linkage of plant and soil microbiomes to plant physiological conditions, crop productivity and soil health.
The successful applicant will conduct research examining how management practices impact the plant/soil microbiome and consequences for plant productivity and environmental quality.  The project will use a range of analytical procedures including state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing, and plant and soil health measures to characterise how these variables impact microbiomes and their activities. The successful applicant will have learn and apply a broad areas of microbiomes and be able to analyse data from next-generation (amplicon and shotgun) sequencing, statistical tools for analysing microbiome and plant data. The successful candidate will be expected to participate in training relevant to the position and communicate the findings of the project via journal publications and presentations at scientific conferences and to non-scientific audiences.
The project has flexibility to modify the scope to meet the interests of the suitable candidate.
Contact Prof Brajesh Singh (, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University, for more information.