University of Canterbury PhD scholarship available

The endosymbiotic microbiome in the Pisolithus fungi facilitates survival in extreme geothermal soils
A PhD scholarship is available from the University of Canterbury to investigate why a fungal species (Pisolithus tinctorius) found throughout geothermal areas in New Zealand and the US host intra-tissue (endosymbiotic) bacterial communities populated with new candidate phyla and novel deeply-branching lineages. We will use molecular, ecological and cultivation techniques to test whether the symbiotic relationship is mutually beneficial, permitting both cohorts to survive in highly-challenging and nutrient-poor geothermal soils. This investigation will expand the diversity of known microbiomes and is critical to understanding carbon and nitrogen cycling in these areas.
Applicants must have a MSc or BSc Honours (or equivalent) in Microbiology, bioinformatics or equivalent field. Experience with metagenomics, cultivation and characterisation and environmental chemistry is viewed positively but is not essential. The successful candidate will undertake fieldwork, laboratory work and computational studies. Depending on the candidate, there is an opportunity to undertake fieldwork in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. 
Supervisor: Dr Matthew Stott, University of Canterbury
Stipend: $27,000 p.a. plus fees.
Applications close: 30 April 2018.
Required information:  please send your CV, cover letter and academic transcript to Matthew Stott ( Ensure that at least two referees are listed in your CV. Feel free to contact Matthew Stott with any questions you may have.