Past Seminars

Event Date Speaker Institution Title
Wednesday, Aug 31st, 2011 Andrew King CSIRO

High Alpine Bacteria Display Strong Landscape Scale Distributions

Wednesday, Aug 31st, 2011 Luke Barrett CSIRO

Cheating, trade-offs and the evolution of virulence in a natural pathogen population

Wednesday, Jul 27th, 2011 Jutta Zwielehner University of Queensland

The healthy human gut microbiota and how chemotherapy and antibiotics affect its composition.

Wednesday, Jul 27th, 2011 Jan Slapeta University of Sydney

Neosporosis: the nemesis of Australian fauna?

Wednesday, Jul 27th, 2011 Rita Rapa UTS

Gene Cassette Products and Their Role in Vibrio Physiology: A Proteomics Approach

Wednesday, Jun 29th, 2011 Cameron Webb USyd

Unravelling the complexities of mosquito-borne disease.

Wednesday, Jun 29th, 2011 Adam Jones Scripps Inst. of Oceanography, UC San Diego

Regulation and heterologous expression of bioactive natural products from the filamentous marine cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula.

Wednesday, Jun 29th, 2011 Matthew Lee UNSW

Metabolic methanisation of chloroform by a three component microbial community.

Wednesday, Apr 27th, 2011 Diane McDougald UNSW

Protozoan grazing as a driving force in the evolution of pathogenicity in bacteria.

Wednesday, Apr 27th, 2011 Brett Neilan UNSW

The first chlorophyll to be discovered in 60 years: chlorophyll F.