Past Seminars

Event Date Speaker Institution Title
Wednesday, Mar 16th, 2016 A/Prof Amelia-Elena Rotaru Nordic Centre for Earth Evolution, University of Southern Denmark

Electric interspecies cooperations

Wednesday, Mar 16th, 2016 A/Prof Gene Tyson Australian Centre for Ecogenomics, University of Queensland

Whoever smelt it, dealt it: a metagenomic view of the seedy underworld of microbial methane cycling

Wednesday, Jan 27th, 2016 USYD and UNSW iGEM Teams "MycoMimic" and "EndoSynBio" University of Sydney and University of New South Wales

MycoMimic and EndoSynBio

Wednesday, Jan 27th, 2016 Huizhi Hu University of New South Wales

AHL affect biofilm formation in wastewater treatment process

Wednesday, Jan 27th, 2016 Kylie Brice Western Sydney University

The Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) Faecal Bacterial Microbiome; Does Change in Diet Impact Community Structure?

Wednesday, Nov 25th, 2015 Prof Peter White University of New South Wales

Hepatitis C virus – A new age of antiviral therapy

Wednesday, Nov 25th, 2015 Caitlin Abbott University of Sydney

The role of receptor Smad proteins during Vaccinia virus infection

Wednesday, Nov 25th, 2015 Abigail Sison University of Sydney

Use of synthetic cassettes to detect integron activity in the wild

Wednesday, Oct 28th, 2015 Miriam Kronen UNSW

Identification of a new catalytic function of class I fumarases

Wednesday, Oct 28th, 2015 Lauren Messer UTS

Heterogeneity in diazotroph diversity and activity within a putative hotspot for marine nitrogen fixation