Past Seminars

Event Date Speaker Institution Title
Wednesday, Sep 30th, 2015 Olivier Laczka UTS

Divergence in temperature stress management between coastal and East Australian current (EAC) phytoplankton populations.

Wednesday, Sep 30th, 2015 Michael Strack Macquarie University

Aquifer microbial community assembly: do neutral processes dominate?

Wednesday, Aug 26th, 2015 Luke Barrett CSIRO

The evolution of mutualistic trait variation in rhizobial symbionts across genetic and geographic scales

Wednesday, Aug 26th, 2015 Andrew Bissett CSIRO

Effects of temporal pH shifts on ammonia oxidiser community structure and function

Wednesday, Aug 26th, 2015 Caterina Rodriguez Giner Institut de Ciencies del Mar

Seasonal diversity patterns of marine picoeukaryotes from a Mediterranean coastal site

Wednesday, Jul 29th, 2015 Matthew Lee University of New South Wales

Organohalide respiration - breathing life into toxic environments

Wednesday, Jul 29th, 2015 Karen Weynberg Australian Institute of Marine Sciences

Coral Reefs Go Viral: Unveiling the viruses associated with corals in a changing climate.

Wednesday, Jul 29th, 2015 Bernhard Tschitschko University of New South Wales

Host-virus Interactions in a Frigid, Hypersaline Antarctic Lake Revealed by Metaproteomics

Wednesday, Jun 24th, 2015 Prof. Dr. Mike Manefield University of New South Wales

The role of quorum sensing in chitin biodegradation

Wednesday, Jun 24th, 2015 Dr. Deepak Kumaresan University of Western Australia

Microbial life in Movile Cave – an unusual cave ecosystem