Past Seminars

Event Date Speaker Institution Title
Wednesday, Feb 25th, 2015 Elizabeth Dinsdale San Diego State University

Integrating microbial community dynamics into kelp forest ecosystem models

Wednesday, Feb 25th, 2015 Kathryn Holt University of Melbourne

Genomic epidemiology of antibiotic resistant bacteria

Wednesday, Feb 25th, 2015 Lisa Moore University of Southern Maine

Prochlorococcus: the “invisible forest” in the ocean’s Outback.

Wednesday, Feb 25th, 2015 Break and Poster Session Australian Museum

Student poster competition with $500 prize money up for grabs

Wednesday, Feb 25th, 2015 Stefan Wuertz University of California Davis

Stress, function and community dynamics in wastewater bioreactors

Wednesday, Feb 25th, 2015 Colin Murrell University of East Anglia

Bacterial metabolism of isoprene

Wednesday, Jan 28th, 2015 Grant Hill-Cawthorne University of Sydney

The use of genomics in diagnostic and public health microbiology

Wednesday, Jan 28th, 2015 Susanne Erdmann University of New South Wales

Virus-host interactions in extreme environments, hot versus cold

Wednesday, Jan 28th, 2015 Michael Klas University of New South Wales

Biomining and methanogenesis for resource extraction from asteroids

Wednesday, Nov 26th, 2014 Dr. Suhelen Egan UNSW

“The microbial friends and foes of seaweeds”