Dear JAMSters,

With the Holiday season well underway I wanted to wish you all lasting health and happiness for the coming new year and thank you for making JAMS such a success this year.

Next year promises to be even better and will start off with a great lineup for our January 25th meeting:

Event Date: 
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 18:15 - 18:30

The impact of petroleum hydrocarbons on microbial diversity in a sub-Antarctic soil; a proxy for soil health


Anthropogenic sources of contamination remain a legacy throughout the Antarctic Region, with the majority of contamination occurring alongside concentrated human activities at research stations. At Macquarie Island, an Australian Sub-Antarctic territory we have been investigating the impact of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in the form of Special Antarctic Blend (SAB) diesel fuel on the microbial ecology of sub-Antarctic soils. Whilst bioremediation strategies are currently underway on the Island, there is a lack of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination guidelines specific to Antarctic or sub-Antarctic regions. Additionally, there is insufficient site-specific toxicity data available for remediation end points to be established. Therefore, we have assessed the bacterial and fungal response to increasing concentrations of SAB diesel fuel through a combination of novel culturing methods, flow cytometric analysis of cell numbers and massively paralley pyrosequencing targeting the 16S and ITS genes. Results of this investigation will provide the scientific basis for understanding how much fuel is too much and how clean is clean enough?

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