NZMS 2017 conference

NZMS 2017 conference
For those of you not already familiar with the awesome line-up of speakers for this year’s NZ Microbiological Society conference (in Auckland, 20-23 November), please check out the conference website
In terms of relevance for microbial ecologists as well as those interested in the human microbiome, there is an extremely strong line-up as follows:
Microbial ecology-relevant Plenary Speakers:
**Colin Murrell (University of East Anglia, UK) – Colin is current ISME President and has published >300 articles on the ecology and physiology of methane-oxidising bacteria and related organisms. His lab also invented the widely used technique of DNA stable isotope probing (DNA-SIP).
Noah Fierer (University of Colorado, USA) – Noah is arguably the world’s leading exponent of 16S rRNA-based microbial community analyses, applying this approach and others to soil bacteria as well as those in built environments and the atmosphere.
Emma Allen-Vercoe (University of Guelph, Canada) – Emma is a leader in human microbiome research, having been a central player in the Human Microbiome Project and developing novel systems for the in vitro study of gut bacteria. She is also a leader in research relating to microbiota transfer therapy (a.k.a. faecal microbiota transplantation).
** Colin Murrell will headline a special session commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first ISME (International Society for Microbial Ecology) symposium, which took place in Dunedin in 1977.
Microbial ecology-relevant Invited Speakers:
Paul Williams (University of Nottingham, UK) – with >330 publications, Paul has for many years been a world leader in quorum sensing (bacterial cell-cell communication) research. His research encompasses microbial ecology, infection biology and molecular biology.
Kim Handley (University of Auckland, NZ) – Kim holds a prestigious Rutherford Discovery Fellowship and applies cutting-edge meta-omics techniques to understand the microbial response to environmental perturbations, especially in aquatic systems.
Gerald Tannock (University of Otago, NZ) – with >40 years of experience in researching gut microbiology, Gerald has spearheaded human microbiome research in this country. He has recently published a new book, “Understanding the Gut Microbiota”.
Xochitl Morgan (University of Otago, NZ) – Xochitl utilises sophisticated bioinformatics and systems biology approaches to understand the contribution of the microbiota to human health and disease.
Cynthia Whitchurch (UTS, Australia) – Cynthia researches biofilm formation and the role of extracellular DNA in mediating the complex interactions among microbes.
In addition to the above speakers, there is of course a host of other world-leading researchers in diverse topics including – but not limited to - medical microbiology, fungal genetics (this meeting will have a strong fungal biology component) and food safety microbiology. We anticipate running a parallel microbial ecology session for almost the entire conference, so please come along and be part of it! The conference organisers, Gavin Lear (UOA) and Brent Seale (AUT) have done a great job to assemble such a stellar programme and to keep costs down as much as possible, so we hope to see you there. Abstract submission closes mid-August.
NZMEC 2018 meeting
Because too much of a good thing is never a good thing, and we would like you to come to both meetings, Matt and I have decided to postpone next year’s NZMEC meeting until later in the year. It would normally have been scheduled for February 2018 in Auckland, but we will push it back a few months in order to space the two meetings out a bit. We will let you know details towards the end of this year, but rest assured we are looking to organise an exciting meeting to rival the past events.
Hope to see you in Auckland in November!
Cheers, Mike Taylor & Matt Stott (NZMEC Convenors)